Color Effects of Camera Filters

Color Effects of camera filters

  • Filters that are visibly colored discriminate among wavelengths, by transmitting some and absorbing others.

  • In subtractive color theory, the white light of the visible spectrum is divided into three sections: blue, green, and red.

  • In this system yellow filters absorb blue light, green filters absorb red and blue light, and red filters absorb blue and green.

  • In an outdoor scene photographed in black-and-white, a yellow filter over the lens will cause the blue sky to appear darker in the final print.

  • Absorption of blue light will allow less exposure of the film in areas of blue sky tones. Therefore, the negative will have less density in those areas, and thus the print will be darker there than in areas of different color less affected by this filter. This selective absorption of light is the basis for most of camera filter choice.

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