Types of Camera Filter to Choose

Types of Camera Filter to Choose

  • Filters are available as gelatin squares, gelatins cemented between glass, and glass filters. Gelatins might be the preferable color filter for most uses. They are so thin that optical problems are few. They will last quite long with ordinary care, and can be carried in large numbers with very little weight or bulk. However, they cannot be cleaned and can be easily damaged by fingerprints and scratching. Also, if you need to work in the wet, remember that gelatin is water soluble.

  • Cemented gel-glass sandwiches are both durable and cleanable, but they may break or separate if dropped, and if carried in quantity they may be noticeably bulky and heavy. Polarizing filters are nearly always in the form of glass sandwiches.

  • Some special filters are available only in glass with special qualities. In this case, there is no choice of type, except where the quality of manufacture or the thickness is involved. Only the best glass filters should be used, and they should be no thicker than necessary. To clean glass filters, lightly brush off all dust particles and then breathe on the glass and lightly polish it with a soft lint-free cloth or lens tissue-just as with lenses.

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