Technique tip: mounting lenses

Bayonet mount lenses:

1. To remove a lens from the camera, push the button or lever on the mounting flange that releases the spring loaded lock

2. Hold the lens firmly, give it a quarter turn to the left and pull it straight outward from the camera body.

3. Align the mounting index mark on the second lens with the corresponding mark on the camera mounting flange.

4. Insert the lens straight into the flange and turn it to the right until it locks in place.

Screw thread mount lenses:

1. Place the camera or lens boards on its back so the opening in the mounting flange points straight upward.

2. Set the lens directly onto the mount opening; make sure it is centered and sits there without rocking.

3. Gently turn the lens in a clockwise direction; let the weight of the lens cause the threads to engage. Do not presses down on the lens or use force to get it started; that can cause cross threading which will ruin the mount and result in improper alignment.

4. When the threads are engaged, continue turning the lens until it stops, fully and securely mounted. Do not force it into its final position.

5. To remove a lens, hold the camera or lens board securely and turn the lens counterclockwise until it is completely disengaged.


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