Carrying Equipment and Camera Bags

  • In many parts of the world, it's possible to take excellent landscape pictures without moving more than a few yards from a road, and in these areas, packing and carrying equipment isn't really a problem. Often, though, you'll find that roads act as a magnet for intrusions such as telegraph poles, litter, people, and of course vehicles. If you don't want these in your pictures, you'll need to carry equipment some distance.

  • The only practical way to do this is on your shoulders - preferably both of them. Ordinary soft camera bags are fine for short distances, but most have a single shoulder strap that puts the weight on just one side. Backpacks would be better as it distributes the weight more evenly. It wasn't that easily available last time as there wasn't many that is suitable for cameras previously, some photographers even create a hybrid form by attaching a regular soft camera bag to a backpack frame. Nowadays, there is all sorts of camera backpacks available. It comes with different sizes and special protection such as weatherproof materials.

  • Choose camera backpacks according to your need. Choose a small backpacks if you always travel light and does not have a lot of accessories. Choosing large backpacks and you will have a tendency of fully loads the whole bags with unnecessary things and you might burden yourself. Remember to pay as much attention to your own safety as to that of the camera.

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