How to create Color Harmony in Photography

How to create Color Harmony in Photography

  • Some combinations of hues look naturally harmonious to the eye, while others jar and irritate. However, there's no special alchemy in combining colors, and if you follow a few simple rules, it's easy to create harmonious landscape images. Nature gives you a lead, in any case: what could be more soothing than the russets, reds and browns of autumn foliage or the succession of blues created by distant mountains or hills?

  • Harmonious colors generally fall into one of two categories: close primary colors; and earth colors. With bright colors, you can choose harmonious combinations by thinking of the rainbow. Any two hues that are adjacent or close together in the rainbow will look good together in a picture.

  • Earth colors - those hues muted by the addition of black - make for even easier combinations. Almost all earth colors go well together, so if you restrict your palette to the many different warm browns, golds and dark yellows you can't go far wrong.

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