Accessories That Help In Landscape Photography

  • Camera support is as important in landscape photography as in any other specialization, but the landscape enthusiast faces an unusual dilemma. The stability of a tripod generally rises in proportion to its weight, but so too does the reluctance to carry the thing more than a few yards. Photographers have found various partial solutions: for example, some pile rocks into a bag slung between the tripod legs to add weight and equilibrium, but essentially the problem remains. If you want to use slow film/low ISO or long exposures, you must be prepared to carry the weight of a tripod.

  • When preparing for a landscape trip, everybody packs a number of other essentials besides lenses, cameras and film. For critical work with transparency film, an incident light meter is a prudent precaution: it also provides a handy way of checking that the meter in your camera is functioning properly. Spot meters require very methodical use, but give pin-point accuracy.

  • Using filters can be available in a variety of forms. The popular square system filters fit all sizes of lens, but are made of plastic and scratch easily. Glass filters are optically superior, but more expensive. When weight is critical, choose wafer-thin gelatin filters and a suitable holder.

  • If you take a lot of night landscapes, you'll find a small flash unit a valuable ally. Use it with a wide-angle lens, and you can light the entire foreground of the scene.

  • A small flash might seem useless when you're photographing vast landscapes but could still be capable of lighting subjects up to 10 feet (3m) from the camera. It can be useful when you are taking photo against sunlight; flash can be used to reduce contrast by throwing light into the shadow areas of subjects that are nearby.

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