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As we progress in understanding how to use the camera setting correctly, another important thing to remember in order to come out with good photo is how to compose a photo. How do we capture what we want into the square box of a photo. Composition in camera photography is vital and can greatly affect the end result of photos.

First we need to understand on the aspect ratio of camera photography. Normally, DSLR have two aspect ratio to choose upon, either 3:2 for normal photo print and 4:3 for viewing in most computer monitors. We need to make up our mind whether the photos should be for a normal photo printing (3R, 4R sizes, etc) or just for viewing in computer monitors.

As both aspect ratio are in rectangular shapes, the two most basic of photo composition is either horizontal photography or vertical photography. How to decide on when to use horizontal/vertical photography is depends on the subject to be photographed. For example if we are to take a photo of a person standing, vertical photography will be more suitable as it will fit the whole person into the photos without too much space left behind. Horizontal photography is mostly used in scenery shots or photographs or a group of peoples as this way we can fit in a lot of peoples into the photo.

The easiest way of photography composition is to fit the subject fully into the photos. This way, you will only have to concentrate on the camera setting and focus it correctly. The tough part about how to compose the photos is when how to arrange the things aside the main objects. For example when we are taking a portrait photo of a kid, yet we still want to include some of the background objects or scenery into the photo; the difficulty is always on how to compose so that all the background objects can be fitted into the photo and yet it don't take away the focus from the kid.

A general rule that we can choose to follow is the rule of third for photo composition. Image dividing the photos into three section from right to left and from top to bottom, resulting in nine same size rectangular box. The four cross section point of the nine box will be the point where we should put the main objects at.

Normally, people tends to put the main objects at the center of the photo as we always feel that the center part should be the most important and in fact by putting the object at the center of the photo, it have a certain level of safety that the photo would not go wrong. However, by putting the subject at the center, the photo can be easily become very dull and boring. That's the reason why we use the rule of third. By changing the position of the subject slightly from the center of the photo to the four cross section point, we will find the photo to be slightly imbalance and spacious. It also makes the photo to looks more creative and lively with more rooms for imagination.

The rule of third is widely use in many photography composition, either in portraits, scenery, macro, sports, etc. And interestingly, it has been widely used thousands of years ago in ancient China Dynasty for arts drawing.

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