Camera Snap Shots

What is a snap shot photography? Most of the photographs made everyday with point and shoot camera are simply snapshots.

What do we mean by snapshot? it's an informal record shot of people or places. it is often made on the spur of the moment with little thought to either interpretation, values or composition. many snapshots simply record a pleasant time, an experience that the photographer and subjects do not want to forget. in most cases the snapshot photographer strives for informal, natural expression.

How do take good snap shots? Emphasis in a snapshot is not on composition and design, but rather on the captured mood, for example horseplay at the beach, a square dance, the spontaneity of a party, a girl's smile, a Sunday afternoon picnic. a tree in the background might even be "growing" out of Jason's head, but as long as his facial expression evokes a carefree spirit the picture will be considered precious enough to keep.

But how do we actually improve and make better snapshots? Snapshots can be good photographs too. If you take the pains to get your subject to cooperate, you'll end up with a picture to be proud of. if you want to photography your companions on a hike, don't just line them up in front of a tree. You'll get a much more interesting shot if you include the mountain or stream in the background. Or have the picture tell a story.

One of your companions can be cooking over a fire, or one of them can be examining a flower, or trying to entice a chipmunk. Try to get your subjects to casual and relaxed. Help them to avoid strained poses. Talk to them until they forget to listen for the camera to click. Then, when your picture seems just right, snap it.

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