Candid shots

Candid shots for camera photography is an attempt to interpret the unposed character of people. Candid photography has become extremely popular. Pictures are taken in split second time, usually with subjects unaware of the camera. The resulting photographs thus emphasize realism, for example, people eating, kibitzing, working and acting their normal selves.

Candid shots are especially effective in photographing children in their world of make-believe, or in recording their daily trials and tribulations. In sports, this actually brings up an all new kind of photography. You can shoot the basketball player just ready to catch the ball, the baseball player sliding into home plate, the prize fighter as he falls to the canvas, each at the right moment. News photo magazines owe much of their appeal to the dramatic stories told by candid shots snapped while the news was being made.

Technique for candid shots

Successful candid shots require special approaches and techniques. Since most of the pictures are taken when the subject is unposed, a great deal depends upon the attitude of the subject before the picture is taken. If he has an idea that you are going tot take his picture he may stiffen up and become self-conscious. So try to take it before he is aware of it, or a tleast when he isn't anticipating the click of your shutter. In terms of naturalness and purity of expression, the result will be far superior to the self-conscious photo of a subject who has "frozen" for the camera.

This doesn't mean, of course, that you have to hide your camera to take a candid. You can hold it in such a way that no one suspects you intend to use it immediately. Just be nonchalant. You'll find it's wiser than being furtive, or trying to sneak a shot when the subject isn't looking. Before taking the picture have everything ready, so you can work fast. Pre-set your shutter speed, exposure, and distance in your preparation for the picture. Then when your picture appears-simply raise the camera and shoot.

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