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Look at a magazine feature on travel at home or abroad. What strikes you about the photographs? More often than not, as well as the large scenic shots of landscapes and building there will be many smaller photographs. These may used individually over several pages, or in a block on one page or double page spread. Individually, any one of these little pictures may not make a great impression, but in their context all these small pictures unite to bring the photo documentary to life. They not only complement the big set pieces, they become important to the narrative as a whole.

The lesson to be learnt here is that wherever you are, you should be alert to the chance of getting these small but vital shots. Think of how they might fit into an album of your travels. You could even mount them as a collection in one frame. When you are taking the great view, the grand palace, look around at the immediate vicinity too. You will be surprised at what you find. All the pictures here were originally such ‘secondary’ shots, but they have all made it into various publications. One of them even became a magazine cover.

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