How to make object more prominent

Once we get the setting right and the photo composed nicely, we also have to take note on how to make the subjects in the photo to look more prominent. In oder to be prominent in camera photography, the idea is always to make sure that the emphasize is on the subject and not the surrounding. Several skills can help us in this so that when other people look at the photo, the first impression is always at the subject of the photos and not other things.

  1. Brightness ratio
    By using a vast contrast in brightness, we can actually show that what we are trying to emphasize in the photo. For example by making the surrounding objects darker, the subject that is bright in color will of course draw more attention and appear more prominent. There are times when people purposely change the exposure value so that the surrounding looks darker. Other than that, we can also take photos in dark environment with external flash or torch light aim directly on the subject to be photographed.

  2. Blur vs clear
    In a photo, the clearer and sharp object will always draw more attention compare to the objects that are blur. Hence, in order to make a certain subject more prominent in the photo, we can do so by making the subject looks very clear and sharp yet purposely makes the surrounding of the subjects blur. This can be done by controlling the depth of field of the camera

  3. Colors contrast
    Color plays a vital part in photography nowadays. By utilizing the nature of the color, we can actually makes a certain objects to look more prominent. The contrast of color, the brightness of the color will help to make certain subject as the main object in the photo. For example, a model in red color dress will look extinguish when photographed in dark background

  4. Contrast object
    Taking a photo of a subject in a background that is vastly different than the object itself will show the uniqueness of the subject. For example, a red flower in a field of grass, the flower will be the main subject and appear prominent in front of the all the grass.

By controlling all this, we will make a main object looks more prominent in the photo. However, we need to first understand what is the outcome of the photo that we want. In certain photographs, we don't want any subject to appear more prominent at all, for example scenery photography. In certain scenery photographs, we need the whole photographs to look sharp and clear in a whole. in this case, we need to make sure we don't create too much contrast, whether in colors, brightness, sharpness etc.

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