Pets Photography

Pets are always a favorite subject. Yet, how to photograph pets? Before you start to photograph them, it is most important to realize that although pets cannot speak they do have ways of communicating. If you endlessly try to get a dog to do something it does not want to do, it is never going to look happy and the shot will betray its mood. Eventually it will snap at you or even bite. You do have to take this seriously, especially if you are using pets and children together. Both get bored quickly, and when the session is no longer a game for them, stop.

So you will need to work quickly. An autofocus lens and TTL exposure control will be an asset. Very often it is the fleeting expression that makes the shot. Going in close helps to capture this. A medium telephoto lens, say 100mm, would be a good choice. This will help to fill the frame without getting too close to your subjects and disturbing them.

Try to avoid dressing animals up. The best shots are natural ones, not dogs wearing dresses or cats in sunglasses.

As well as shot for the album or framing, pictures of pets are ideal for Christmas and birthday cards.
Most animals grow faster than we do. Keep photographing them: taking a shot every month of your puppy or kitten will form an interesting record of its development.

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