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For portraits photography, we normally use vertical shooting. Horizontal shooting is only used if there is a special background that we wish to bring into the photos or certain actions or event that is unique.

The idea of using vertical shooting for portraits is actually quite simple. By using vertical shooting, the subject/human is better fit into the photos. The subject will cover most portion of the photo and this gives much emphasize on the subject. We know who or what is the important subject in the photos and it also looks more natural.

Although we try to fit the subject into the photos as much, try to leave some space in order not to look too packed and suffocating. Try to leave some space especially around the eye sight of the subject or the action of the subject taken photo.

For composition for portraits photography, the idea is always about bringing out and emphasize on the human in the photos. Hence, the subject must cover most portions of the photos and should never be too small. If the subject is small, the depth of field will be larger and this will makes the subject looks normal with the background. Photos like this will show that the subject and the background itself is equal and this will not be a good portraits photo.

Taking portraits photo, it is recommended to make the subject look big, we try to capture from body and above with bigger ratio. This will also create a smaller depth of field. With the depth of field getting smaller, the subject remains clears whereas the background and the surrounding will become blur. This helps a lot in showing which subject is the most important in the photo and draw the attention directly.
The placement of the subject in the photo is equally important. Where should the subject be? At the center of the photos? At the corner of the photos? You can place the subject at the center of the photos, it is alright, but this will makes the photos and the subject looks dull and boring. To make the photo more attractive, we usually follow with the rule of third.

Imagine dividing your photos into nine section, like a tic tac toe board. Place whatever that you think is the most important part at one of the four cross-section.  This way the photo will look more natural and attractive.

Although it is not necessary to keep follow with the rule of third in order to take good photos as photography is a matter of art and there is just no restriction on which rules to follow and abide with in art. The pro will always find a certain angle or composition and capture a fantastic photo. However, for the beginners, following the few tips here will ensure you to come up with some good photos and you might be amaze with how pro your photos looks. So time to grab your camera and try it out.

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