Tips for portrait photography

One of the most important tips for portraiture photography is to shot at eyelevel.

One important portrait photography tips is that portraits shot at eyelevel are a safe bet, particularly with children, but they can easily look like boring passport photos. If you are lucky enough, you probably will be able to capture photos of children in situation such as when a gust of wind moving through her hair which adds something extra to the atmostphere and stop it looking dull. However if you want to guarantee a shot that looks daring and creative, then throw this rule out of the window. Go higher or lower and try introducing diagonal lines. So long as you position your model's head appropriately, eye contact can be as good if not better.

Choose your level

Think about how you want your subject to appear in the frame. Shoot from below eyelevel and your subject can appear dominant, looming ominously over the viewer. Shoot from above eye level, however and the subject's impact can be diminished. That said, a subtle variation in height can make a massive difference it's often argued that the most flattering angle for portraits is just above eye level. In truth, it's a matter of preference and it depends as much on personality (the subject's that is) as it does on lighting, style and intended effect. There are no rights or wrongs. The same can be said for poses what feels natural often looks natural.

How to follow the rule

This photography techniuqe or tip is really simple and guarantees that your portraits will be engaging. If the shot is taken from a perspective that's too high or too low, the facial feature may become distorted and eye contact weakened.

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