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Almost every traveller takes a camera along with him, and travelling accounts for much interest in travel photography. What kind of pictures do people take while travelling? Of course, they take what interest them. But too many people travel without knowing what they will find. With a camera at your disposal, it is important to know something about the country, the region, the people and the culture so that you can plan just what you would like to photograph. This is the key to knowing what to look for and where to find it.

Keep your camera handy

Assuming that you are going for trip. What kind of camera and lens should you take? The small point and shoot camera that are easy to carry are best. Or DSLR camera with travel lens, zoom lens covering from wide to tele would be nice. As you will be carrying your camera with you always, on your walks, rides and explorations since you will never know when a good shot will be coming up. You have to be prepared and also not tiring yourself up with a lot types of lens. You will end up with a swollen shoulder and too tired to enjoy the trip.

As a rule travellers are familiar with scenes and points of interest which are advertised on posters. You can start by photographing these, if you like them. But don't stop with that, there are byways, little hidden streets, and out of the way places in every region, every country and what you will find there can often make much more interesting pictures. They will be fresher and more original than what you see along the beaten path.

In Mexico for example, the market places in small towns, the people, their clothes, their products, their expression, the children playing in the streets, all made good pictures. The colossal churches, families of beggars, graceful banana trees, archaeological remains, political writing on the walls, all made stark exciting pictures, some beautiful, some tragic, but all true.

There are stimulating scenic material for travelling photographers all over United States and Canada as well, national parks, gorgeous lakes, vast plains, ghost towns in the West, old Southern plantation houses, coal mining towns, industrial and country life everywhere. All you need is a little leisure time and a viewpoint or idea you want to express.

Street scenes are a kind of travel picture you can take right at home. As you walk along the streets observe people, children at play, storefronts, display, buildings, etc.

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