Camera Pixel

What is camera pixel? Nowadays we commonly see camera selling with 8 megapixels, 10 megapixels, 14 megapixels, etc. The higher the camera sensors pixels, the higher the price tag of the camera. But why or what are we paying for the sensor pixels?
Sensor pixels are like buckets collecting water. It is like an array of buckets, and we pour water into the buckets; similarly sensor pixels are align in an array and instead of water, it is light that goes into the sensor pixels of the camera. The photons of the light hit on the sensor pixels and the amount of light is converted into voltage and processed digitally. Hence the larger the sensor pixels, then it provides more "buckets" to contain the lights, this helps to provide photo with better noise performance and better dynamic range.
For example on a photo below with 3872 pixels x 2592 pixels,

If we change the photo to 10 pixels x 7 pixels, the result will be as below,


Clearly the photo does not make sense anymore and we could not even identify the apple inside the photo. However when we increase the pixel size of the photo, the image become clearer and identifiable.

50 pixels x 33 pixels

100 pixels x 67 pixels

200 pixels x 133 pixels

423 pixels x 283 pixels
As the sensor pixels hit 1 megapixels and above, the picture become quite clear and can be seen on the monitor display nicely. However, if we are to use it for printing or high resolution usage, then 1 megapixels might not be enough and will need even more sensor pixels.
Although it seems that the more sensor pixels we have, the better picture performance we will get. This is not entirely true though, as we still need to consider the type of sensor use, how well is the sensor pixels align, the performance of the sensor, the noise and other issues such as purple fringing, etc.

Things that you should know about camera photography

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