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With growing skill, better equipment and more adventurous photography, it may be time to think of entering some pictures in competitions. There is nothing as encouraging as seeing your own work in print, in a magazine or a newspaper, or simply on display as a prizewinner. The question is how to enter photo contest?

Whatever the medium, there will be hundreds of entries thousands of photography competitions in a national competition. The judges will be looking for technical excellence and originality of composition, but in the first place they will be looking for an image which exactly fits the theme set for that category. It is amazing how many entrants send in landscapes when the organizers have quite clearly stated that the subject was to be a building or a portrait.

Read the rules of photos competition carefully. Only a single entry may be allowed in any one category. Prints should be clearly marked on the back with a name, address and telephone number. Sometimes these should be written on the entry form and this should be stuck to the print.

If a photograph really is good enough to enter, it is probably good enough be made into a professional enlargement. This does not have to be huge; in fact most competitions stipulate a maximum and minimum print size. Discuss the proposed, enlargement with the printer. Often a picture can be greatly enhanced if it is cropped, and perhaps angled slightly. Certain areas may benefit from being printed up or shaded.
When entering transparencies. It is equally important to read the rules.

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