Finding place to take photo

There are many places where good pictures can be found, but it is easy to overlook them. Often they are camouflaged by their surroundings, or they need to be looked at from a different angle. Sometimes the chance of a picture appears suddenly and if the camera is loaded and ready the opportunity can be seized. So we are thinking about where to take photo and finding the places to take photo.

When the picture is of a person, producing a camera may inhibit them and the chance of a great shot may be lost. But sometimes seeing the camera will make them strike a pose, and this may produce an image even better than the one that first caught the eye. We try to take camera photography of different angle.

Simple and apparently uninspiring things can also be the basis of a great picture. It could be a wall, a fence or a door - perhaps the texture of peeling paint or weathered stone, or torn posters or graffiti.

To find these pictures what is chiefly required is constant awareness. There is usually no need for special or expensive equipment. Sometimes a picture is waiting to be taken, but this is not apparent from normal eye level. It may need a high or low viewpoint, or the different field of view given by a wide angle or telephoto lens to fit the composition into the frame.

Take time to evaluate the surroundings. Look at them selectively. With practice, even the most ordinary places and objects can be made to yield striking images that most people simply overlook. Even if the first attempts largely fail it is worth persevering. And even then, a collection of images that are not particularly interesting in themselves can often make a successful collage or series of pictures on a theme.

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