Could you sell your pictures

If you have the camera photography techniques to capture pictures that are good enough to enter in competitions, they might also be good enough to sell. The right image in the right place and at the right time can sell an idea or product, or stimulate people's interests. Such a picture can be worth a lot of money. But, how to sell your camera photo? Or even important question, how to take camera photos that can sell?

Unlike many products, a picture or rather, its reproduction rights can be sold again and again. A single sale may bring in only a modest sum, but repeated sales over several years can notch up a tidy amount.
There are no rules about what makes a picture sell. Often an original and beautiful shot will sit in a drawer for ever because it does not fit into any particular subject area. However, one thing is for sure a picture that is under or overexposed, or out of focus, or simply badly composed, will not sell no matter how interesting its subject may be.

If a picture prominently features a person, a model release form from that person is a necessity. For groups of individuals, there must be a release form from each of them. Agencies will not consider publishing such pictures without the form.

Pictures can be submitted to a photo library, which will assure them wide coverage. A certain amount of trust is required from both parties when entering into such an arrangement. Only apply to a large and well known library, which will be honest about how many times a picture has been used. It is worth asking other photographers or looking at the picture acknowledgements in books, newspapers and magazines to find out the names of reputable libraries.

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