What are the elements for a good picture


  • Your first choice is what shape to make the picture horizontal or upright. Normally, horizontal is used for scenery shots while vertical is used for portraits. But there is no rule on fixing it to be that way, sometimes, a little bit of difference here and there would make the picture even more attractive.


  • The background should be an acting part of every picture but not so strong that it detracts from the subject. Simplicity is the key when trying to control the background.


  • How to use the foreground in your pictures completes the ideas on composition. Foregrounds can contribute strongly, or distract from the subject. Sometimes, we can even leave out nearly all of the foreground to keep the image simple.


  • Whether you're looking up or down at your subject makes a big difference. For example, a fairly high viewpoint would mean the photographer could miss out the horizon and thus simplify the background.


  • Every picture needs a subject but how and where do we frame it? This would required more creativity. A simple idea is to keep the subject slightly off centre the image, this would make the photo appear more dynamic than if the composition were symmetrical.

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