What Are The Child Behavior Patterns During Photography?

No two children are alike. But it is useful for the photographer to have some knowledge of the accepted four development phases of the young child. Not only will it assist him in handling children, it might also indicate aspects of the child's personality worthy of interpretation beyond the mere recording of a likeness.

Motor behavior

The child develops bodily control such as balancing, sitting, standing and grasping. Muscular co-ordination enables him to pick up or reach for objects.

Adaptive behavior

The child develops his understanding of the objects around him, firstly by exploring them with his mouth and later, as his ability improves to co-ordinate hand and eye, by reaching for and manipulating them. Gradually he learns to relate what he sees to what he feels.

Language behavior

The child learns to communicate visibly and audibly and to understand what is said to him.

Social behavior

The child learns to adjust to the social culture of his environment.

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