How To Catch The Tempo Of Different Kinds Of Child During Photography Session?

  • The tempo of a sitting may have to be varied to suit the particular child. Little Jane is round, friendly, amiable and lazy. Her principal hobbies are eating, sleeping, and making friends. The key to success with her is to slow down and let her do things at her own lazy pace. Jonathan, on the other hand is a live-wire. He is active, excitable, likes movement and will be difficult to keep pinned down long enough to focus. You may have to chance him being in the picture area and take some extra shots to make sure. Your only chance with Jonathan is to move even faster than he does, get excited yourself and make the whole session a fast-moving romp. A few like Jonathan in a day can have you 'on your knees'.

  • If a child takes a look at you and looks like running away do not look in a mirror to ensure that you have not grown horns or an extra head. Nothing is more exasperating than to be treated like a monster from outer space by a small child when your only desire is to be friendly. Your best hope is to try and understand the reasons underlying his behavior. To be able to identify a child's particular temperamental type can assist you to find the approach most likely to win his cooperation. But a further complication is the fact that few children are entirely introvert or extrovert, most being a mixture of the two in different proportions. The introvert child may suddenly surprise you by allowing his curiosity for the studio to submerge his apprehension. On the other hand, the normally extrovert child may suddenly and unexpectedly develop a fear of the camera. But caution, curiosity, wonder, surprise, even defiance, shown in a child's expression, all offer wonderful picture opportunities. And with patience, the smile the child's mother is hoping you will capture, may eventually present itself.

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