How To Control The Timing When Taking Child Photography?

  • A child will not be rushed. He may warm to you in a minute; he may take half an hour. Each, according to his disposition, has a time-limit of acceptance of the unfamiliar. Any attempt to coerce him before he has made up his mind about you is courting failure.

  • When I first started to photograph children, with slow materials and exposures of up to one second, the main preoccupation was to keep the child stationary. I soon realized that if I could induce every child to smile and remain motionless for long enough to give me a sharp picture, I should please parents. Smile-getting became a habit, as if this was the only kind of expression worth recording. A special kind of technique had to be developed in which I imposed myself on the child, held his attention and enticed him to smile. Since the peak of the expression had to be caught in the middle of the exposure, a sense of anticipation and split-second timing became highly developed.

  • I also developed a sense of timing in my approach to the child the little play-routines, the sounds and the jokes almost in the manner of a comedian's timing for laughs. Smiles became synonymous with photography. And every day there were dozens of children defying me to make them laugh. It was like a game, pitting my skills against their defiance and it could be exhilarating when things ran my way, frustrating at other times.

  • I felt like Gilbert's Jester
    `Though your head it may rack with a bilious attack
    And your senses with toothache you're losing,
    Don't be mopy or flat they don't fine you for that
    If you're properly quaint and amusing.'

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