How To Photography Baby Of Four To Five Weeks?

  • Here is a very cross young man of four or five weeks. Crying is the only way he knows to get some attention. He is probably protesting about being disturbed, or about a tummy-ache, he may just be annoyed because he is unable to maneuver his thumb into his mouth. Or he may just feel that he is being neglected. He is very quick to learn that a timely bit of howling will get people running around to attend to his creature comforts. If he feels like an extra feed, or a nurse, he will try it on now and again.

  • If he feels like a nap when his mother is dressing him or when you are attempting to photograph him, his expressions of disapproval would make a Covent Garden porter blush if they could be translated.

  • There is nothing for it at this stage but to see to His Majesty's creature comforts if you wish to photograph him looking reasonably contented. See that he is fed but not `fed up'. See that he has a dry nappy and has had his nap. If he still cries, he may feel he needs a little love. The little ones like love to be reaffirmed. Let his mother nurse him a little.

  • There is little fear in the young baby's make-up but he will be quick to sense if he is in uncertain hands. Always handle him firmly, supporting his head. In the first month he is not likely to smile but he will be fascinated by lights and will look where a noise comes from.

  • Sometimes he will be so bored by your concentrated efforts to amuse him that he will yawn and go off to sleep. If you wake him he will exercise his lungs again. But only because he is too young to swear.

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