How To Take Photo Of Three To Five Years Old?

  • It has been said that if a three-year-old cannot be photographed there is either something wrong with the child or the photographer. This may be an oversimplification but this is one of the easiest stages.

  • It is as necessary now as ever to understand and be sympathetic to the child's problems. His assertion of independence inevitably brings him more and more into conflict with his parents who must frustrate him, sometimes arousing intense anger and even hatred for short periods.

  • Try to remember your own feelings of littleness and inadequacy in a world mostly occupied by people more than twice your height.

  • Fortunately children in these pre-school years are often more cooperative with strangers than with their parents, who often express surprise that their offspring have been 'so good' for the photographer.

  • The main problem for you now is liable to be a growing self-consciousness in the child and a reluctance to reveal natural feelings and reactions. The importance of play to act out these children's problems and frustrations cannot be overstressed.

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