How To Take Photo Of Toddlers?

  • Between one and two years the child becomes more independent and extends the skills he has learned in his first year. He now shows interest in books and can turn the pages. He can speak up to 200 words and if you point to certain pages in a book he will identify a 'doggy' or a 'pussy'. He can walk and run and climb. He must find out things for himself and frequent tumbles are a big part of his education.

  • He is determined to do things for himself. I have found that he will often resist if you try to sit him on a box about two feet high, but if you have a small flight of two or three steps leading up to it he will delight in climbing up himself. At some point in this stage of development he will probably have a cautious phase. He might even be extremely suspicious and uncooperative for a while.

  • In fact this stage is possibly the most difficult the photographer will encounter. You have to call on your reserves of tact, patience and experience. If he accepts you he will love to play ball with you or watch glove puppets or to join in a conspiracy to surprise mummy.

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