How To Photograph Child That Is Aggressive?

  • `Hello, little man, what's your name?' I asked a kiddy of about three years. `I'm not telling you.' he said, scowling. The toy I offered him was thrown back at me.

  • Aggressive behavior, of which this is, I consider, a mild example, is usually due to inferiority complex, which is unconscious and not to be confused with an inferiority feeling, which might be a good quality involving modesty and incentive for improvement. An inferiority complex can be caused by a number of things including excessive restriction of a child's natural urge of self-expression, setting too high a standard of behavior, or later, of achievement at school, consciousness of a disability or anything which sets the child apart from other children, or lack of affection from parents.

  • `Can you give me a clue about your name?' I persevered. 'How does it start?' This found a chink in the little boy's armor. He could not resist the temptation to show off his new-found ability to spell. 'It begins with a D', he said, a little petulantly. But by the time I had made a few wrong guesses and he had finally spelled out his name for me, he had thawed out and become friendly.

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