What Kind Of Gentle Persuasions That Helps During Child Photography?

  • I have been kicked, scratched and bitten by children in my studio. They have even sworn at me. But occupational hazards of this kind are fortunately rare. Most children respond to gentle persuasion.

  • Firmness on the part of parents may be necessary at times. Indeed I think that a child who is accustomed to being told unhesitatingly what to do by his parent usually gains in terms of security. But the photographer must use gentler methods, such as 'Can you climb onto this stool by yourself, Johnny, or would you like me to help you?'

  • Imagine what it must feel like to be two or three feet tall in a world in which grown-ups tower over you. Kneel, crawl or sit on the floor but get down nearer to their level. And place them on a table-top or 'box' about eighteen inches high to level things up. You are much less intimidating when your head is at their height.

  • I remember an occasion when a little girl had to be persuaded even to enter the studio. She screamed with terror each time her parents tried to carry her through the door. She was about three years old and coaxing, threats, bribes all were of no avail. At length her father realized that she thought she was being taken into a lift. She had had a frightening experience a year before, he told me, when a lift in which she was travelling with her parents had crashed to the bottom of the shaft, shaking them up badly. This was a case for appealing to the child's sense of logic. Opening the studio door wide I pointed to the fireplace. 'Did you ever see a fireplace in a lift ?' I asked her. For a moment the little girl turned over this thought in her mind. But she was convinced, came into the studio and was soon playing happily.

  • Trying to think like a child, calling on every ounce of tact and patience you can muster these things can keep you young. Or they can age you prematurely. It depends upon your temperament.

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