How To Photograph Children That Are Aware Of The Camera?

  • Mr. Yuen Kok-Leng, A.R.P.S. of Malaysia often uses the verandah of a house to take close-up portraits of Indian and Malay children. In countries where the sunlight is strong and steep, it is sometimes difficult to get pleasing half-tones and Mr. Kok-Leng uses light reflected from the ground and walls to achieve delightful portraits with beautiful modeling and skin texture.

  • His child subjects are aware of the camera and consequently he has to seek their co-operation with patience and understanding.

  • `I first try to make friends with children by getting to know them,' he says. He tries to win them over and finds sweets a useful aid to this purpose. Gradually he introduces the camera, allowing them to get familiar with it. After a while the children forget the camera and he begins to make some exposures. He says: 'Children will not be rushed. Treat them as equals and do not let your talk be patronizing. Get them to do something and join in their games.'

More About Methods of Approach In Child Photography

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