How To Take Candid Photos?

  • The word 'candid' was first applied to photography in 1929 when Dr. Erich Salomon first used a technique of working unobtrusively by available light with a hand-held camera, and a fast lens. Although usually associated with the miniature camera, the term 'candid' refers less to the type of equipment employed than to the method of keeping the subject unaware of the camera.

  • Studio pictures of children can often be said to be candid, even when taken with a large plate camera, if the child is caught off guard as he should be. In the artificial atmosphere of the studio a photographer must employ psychological methods to cut through the self-consciousness of the child, draw his attention away from the camera and induce him to reveal something of his true self.

  • At the moment of exposure the camera should be completely forgotten. Practically all successful studio pictures of children, apart from in specialized applications such as advertising where child models are used virtually acting a part, are 'candid' in the sense that the camera is forgotten.

More About Methods of Approach In Child Photography

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