How to compose better pictures

  • Much of the pleasure and challenge of photography lies in creating a strong composition. Setting technical expertise aside, taking good pictures comes from developing your skills of looking and seeing.
    Accepting the challenge of photography means much more than achieving technical perfection. An advanced camera makes it easy to take technically perfect photographs - just as a computer lets you call up images. But a modern camera cannot supply creative vision, any more than software can help you create a masterpiece.

  • You can learn a lot from examples - by looking at other people's photographs and thinking about how they took the picture and why it was successful or not. But most of all you gain picture-making skills by combining looking and practice.

  • An essential ingredient of creating pictures with impact is composition, which means thinking about many aspects of the picture: the viewpoint, the foreground, the background, the shape of the picture and where to position the subject in the frame.

More information about camera composition

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