Camera Filters for Color Photography

Camera Filters for Color Photography

There are a few camera filters that are specifically meant for color film photography.

  1. Light Balancing Camera Filters - This is a camera filters that is used to correct color changing of the sunlight in order to match the spectral response of color film. The filters function by allowing user to change the amounts of blue and yellow color entering the camera lens. The blue and yellow color contained in sunlight is different throughout the day, and we could try to reduce yellow especially during the sunrise and sunset, and try to reduce the blue color when the sky is heavily overcast.

  2. Conversion Camera Filters - This type of filters are usually used under large differences in color temperature, for example when using daylight balanced film under tungsten light or the other way round. Conversion filter is also useful during the usage of light sources such as photo floods, especially when you have daylight balanced film loaded and decided to use photo floods, conversion filters will help to ensure the natural looking color.

  3. Color Compensating Filters - These filters are used to make small changes to individual color. It is used to fine tune each color response and to correct the each specific color in different condition, such as the rendition of color under fluorescents light. There are six calibrated color compensating filters which are red, blue, green, yellow, magenta and cyan. Each of this color compensating filters would also have a number to indicate the density of the filter. For example a CC 50Y filters would mean a color compensating filter that is yellow in color and has a density of 50.

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