Color Contrast Filters for Black-and-White

Color Contrast Filters for Black-and-White

  • Some of the camera filters are specifically made for black and white film photography, and it is usually described by their color. For example, a blue filter would absorb the green and red color and allow only blue color to go thru, although most of the filters would not be perfect that they not only transmit the color of their own but there is also some adjacent color that would pass thru. A general understanding is the color filters are used to maintain natural tonal relationships like what we see with naked eye or to alter the contrast of the image by darkening or lightening the color tones.

  • Color contrast filters specifically for black and white film is usually very strongly colored and thus can absorb most of the color other than their own. The most common color contrast filters are the red, blue, green, yellow and orange.

  • The application of color contrast filters will take some understanding on the color and also a lot of practical session. A useful thing to keep in mind is the color triangle rules whereby the primary colors is the blue, green and red, then there is the secondary colors or yellow, cyan and magenta besides the primary colors. Thus in practical, you will see a blue color filter lightening the blue sky as well as lightening other objects in the image that is cyan or magenta in color. Contrary, objects that is red, green and yellow would be darkened.

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