Criteria On Selecting Film

Criteria On Selecting Film

  • Usually the slowest emulsion type of film is the safe bet to be used for most photo-shooting. However, if situation allow the usage of tripod, such as taking photos of still life and landscape, then any film can be use regardless of the ISO rating. Of course, you will have to make sure that the ISO rating is sufficient depending on the light available on the environment, that you have enough shutter speed and aperture combination.

  • For example, taking indoor photos would require fast ISO setting, as slow film would not be able to capture the movement in low light situation. It will either go blur or distorted. If we can't control the lighting conditions, and if shuttle speed and lens aperture is to the limitation, then the only thing left to control is the ISO rating of the film. If you are taking photos of actions and movement indoor, then slow films is definitely out as it will not deliver any sharp, action freezing images. Typically, you will need films that is rated at least ISO400 and above even when you are using fast telephoto lenses with large aperture such as f2.8. And in most cases, even with ISO1600, the shutter speed of 1/125 second is just barely enough for a proper exposure. In this case, you will need a monopod to help stabilize the camera, which helps to provide sharper images when it is used correctly.

  • Of course there is also situation when you purposely want to use slow film to have some movement effect. Or there are times when you would try to add more grain into the photos to provide some special effect. So it is still base on what you want, why are you taking this picture and how do you want to picture to appear in the end.

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