Equipment Care for Film Photography

There are a few routine steps you can take to prolong the life of a camera or lens. This kit of camera-care accessories costs almost nothing to assemble, yet it's often sufficient to get you out of trouble.

  1. Black PVC tape holds damaged bits together and keeps light out.

  2. Labels, pad and pen are vital for caption notes and special processing instructions. Spirit markers are best - they will write on film leaders.

  3. 1-inch paint brush for removing dust from non-optical surfaces.

  4. Moist wipes are sealed against dirt until you open them to clean lenses

  5. Jewelers' screwdriver - take both flat and X-head styles.

  6. Typewriter eraser is invaluable for cleaning battery contacts

  7. Bulb syringe to blow fine dust off lenses (cans of compressed air is not recommended as it could cause damage and are heavy).

  8. Soft paint brush for cleaning lenses and filters.

  9. Spare cells for camera, flash and motor drives.

  10. Swiss army knife for odd jobs.

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