How to Clean and Store Camera Filters

Generally, if you treat your camera filters, whether it is glass or plastics filters, the same way as you treat your camera lens, then you should be alright.

Cleaning the camera filters

  • Make sure that you use lens-cleaning tissue that is specially made for optical surfaces.

  • If you find that there are dirty particles and dust on the surface of the camera filters, try to blow away the particles and dust by using an air blower or commercial canned air product expressly made for the purpose.

  • When working in an extremely dusty climate, try to bring along in a tiny battery-powered micro-vacuum.

  • When using the camera filters in a high humidity area, try to use special edge-sealed filters instead.

  • To check the condition of a lens or filter surface, tilt it in various directions so reflections from the surface don't obscure your examination.

  • Do not apply alcohol to the camera filters! Do not apply the cleaning solution directly to the lens surface; rather, place a small drop on the tissue and use the moistened tissue to clean the glass surface. After applying the fluid to a ragged edge of the tissue, clean in a gentle circular motion until there is no visible trace of the cleaner, dirt, or grease.

  • Avoid using water to clean filters or lenses as some filters are made by a laminating process and water can cause dye spotting, swelling, and strains in the glass.

  • The key to effective cleaning lies in maintaining a soft touch. Bear in mind that the cleaning fluid is a mild solvent so it will do its job with little physical effort from you.

Storing the camera filters

  • If a filter is to remain on the lens, use a lens cap.

  • If not, return it to its storage box or pouch immediately after it is removed.

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