Medium Speed Black and White Film

  • Film with ISO 100-125

  • The most popular black-and-white films or the "do everything" medium-speed films.

  • It is not quite as sharp or free of visible grain as slower films, they are more useful because of their higher sensitivity.

  • This film permit hand-holding but also offer greater flexibility in terms of shutter speed/aperture selection. As is the case with their slower cousins, very large, impressively detailed prints can routinely be produced from carefully developed medium-speed negatives.

  • Up to about 16 x 20 inches, most viewers will be hard-pressed to identify prints made from slow- as opposed to medium-speed negatives.

  • Clearly, if your goal is to generate enlargements containing the utmost detail and minimal grain, use a slow film. On the other hand, if you only need moderate enlargement sizes (not exceeding 11 x 14), medium-speed black-and-white films should do very well.

Two additional facts support the use of medium-speed film over traditional slow emulsions. The new film technology has given us quantum improvements in grain structure and attendant developing chemistry. The result? Medium-speed film negatives of exceptional quality that surpasses that of the slow films. Using a medium-speed film allows us the option of using higher shutter speeds, smaller f-stops, or both. Being able to select higher shutter speeds should improve the chances of achieving sharp available-light images by several fold. Also, contrast is far more controllable when using medium-speed film.

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