Neutral Density Filters

Neutral Density Filters


Neutral density filters is a widely used camera filters in film photography. The function of neutral density filters is to uniformly reduce the amount of light that could be transmitted to the film without having any effect on the color of the image. These filters are calibrated in density units of 1/3 f-stop, with each 0.3 density change equal to one f-stop.

Neutral density filters can be used in both black and white photography and color photography. It also can be used in either film photography or digital photography.

When neutral density filters is used in black and white photography, it can alter the overall scene contrast and distribution of tones.

Whereas when neutral density filters is used in color photography, it can allow the selection of larger f-stops without changing color at all.

The functions of neutral density filters are:

  1. Under extreme bright lighting environment, such as sunny day at the beach or snow, neutral density filters can be used to allow the usage of very fast color or black-and-white film. This apply the same for digital photography as well which translate to the usage of low ISO setting.

  2. Neutral density filters can be used to effectively reduce the exposure required to a point within the range of usable shutter speeds and f-stops.

  3. Neutral density filters can be used to allow usage of slow shutter speeds without over exposing the pictures and producing result such as image blur.

  4. Neutral density filters can be used to allow the usage of large aperture under extreme bright situation and enhancing the subject to background separation with shallow depth of field.

  5. Neutral density filters can also be used to allow the use of a constant, preselected f-stop under changing lighting.

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