Photomicrography Film

Micrography film is normally used for medical and scientific imaging and not usually for general photography. Below is some of the properties of photomicrography film.

  • Photomicrography film is an extremely fine grained emulsion, finer in fact than almost any other color film.

  • Photomicrography film possesses very high color saturation of all colors but especially orange and red.

  • Photomicrography film delivers very high image contrast, making it a natural for stark, graphic effects.

Some disadvantages with photomicrography films

  • At low ISO, it is very slow.

  • When using the film without a filter, you will notice a pronounced magenta color cast in the processed slides.

  • The film remains one of the few color slide emulsions that must be processed in the long-discontinued E-4 process. Chemistry is not available for home processing and very few custom labs around the country would be able to produce finished slides.

Using photomicrography film is always an adventure. You can never be sure of what colors you will get.

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