Plastic and Resin Type Camera Filter Systems

  • Plastic and resin filter systems consists of a modular filter holder capable of accepting up to three filters at once. Through the use of a simple threaded adaptor ring that slips onto the holder, the whole arrangement can be easily fitted to lenses of almost any size.

  • This special system consists of over 200 individual components, almost all of which are made of high grade optical quality plastic or resin material. The filters come in two sizes, labeled A or P. A filter cover lenses with front diameters between 36mm and 62mm. The P filters cover the larger lenses, from 42mm to 82mm.

  • At the heart of the system are the filters and many creative front-lens attachments. These range from the familiar IN, Polarizers, and color filters to a bewildering array of filters for special effects. They may be intended to soften, refract, reflect, diffuse, get close, multiply images, create zoom effects, imply motion, mask, multiply expose, and on and on.

  • Another good thing to take note is any of the system filters can be broken, for instance, dropping one from your hand to the floor, and it would not cause any damage at all. They are also scratch resistant. And even if the surface is scratched, the filter may remain serviceable because they are dyed in their molten state at which time color dye permeates the entire filter uniformly from top to bottom.

  • It provides a wide choice of filters to attach to the front of the lens, and that is great as long as with proper usage. Attaching too much filter altogether might come up with funny result that might not be the one intended. Thus we will need to understand the usage of various filters before attaching it together to get the desired image that we want.

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