Types of Polaroid Instant Slide Film

Some of other Polaroid instant slide film in the market

  1. Polachrome HC - This film is a high-contrast version of the now-standard Polachrome CS. It can be used in very low contrast lighting to generate slides with visual "snap."

  2. 35mm Instant black-and-white Films - Polaroid's 35mm black-and-white films are similar in construction to Polachrome, with one notable exception: none of the black-and-white films employs an additive color screen. The processing of these films is the same as the color versions, although the black-and-white chemistry is somewhat different.

  3. PolaPan CT - This is a medium-speed, black-and-white slide film rated at ISO 125. The film is a full spectrum, panchromatic material that delivers positive, general-application slides with exceptional tonal range and good resolution qualifies. Contrast can be modified by altering processing temperatures, with lower temperatures producing increased contrast and higher temperatures less contrast.

  4. PolaGraph HC - Polaroid's high-speed (ISO 400) film is a high-contrast black-and-white slide film intended to photograph low-contrast subjects for copy work or other assignments. The film is processed in much the same way as the other 35mm Polaroid instant films.

  5. PolaBlue BN - PolaBlue is a unique, relatively slow (ISO 40) film. The film creates a blue background, white-lettered slide of typed or printed pages. It is orthochromatic, meaning it is not sensitive to the red portion of the spectrum. Because of this limited sensitivity, red or black subjects are rendered white, while all other colors turn out blue.

  6. Polaroid Presentation Chrome Film - Presentation Chrome is a medium-speed (ISO 100), extremely high contrast 35mm color transparency material. It is intended for the reproduction of transparencies off CRT video screens, production of title slides, and copying original two-dimensional art work. It reproduces all color very well and does a really good job rendering whites. Unlike most current medium-speed color slide films that possess high color contrast but moderate image contrast, Presentation Chrome is both a high color-contrast and high image-contrast emulsion. Great care should be taken when using this film in contrasty light because shadows block up readily, obscuring shadow detail. Also, the film has narrow exposure latitudeŚless than 1/2 f-stop over- or underexposure. -When used in appropriate situations, results can be spectacular.

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