Special Purpose Film

Other than the ordinary black & white and color films, there are also other types of special purpose film. These types of films are specialized emulsions designed to serve various specific functions. Some photographers would use it to create different kind of visual effects unforeseen even by the emulsions designers. Understand the characteristics of the special purpose film, add in some imagination and there will be startling images produced, pushing creativity to its limit.
Some of the special purpose films available are:

  1. Black & white and color infrared

  2. Polaroid instant (black & white and color transparency)

  3. Photomicrography

  4. Data recording

  5. Slide Duplicating

  6. Chromogenic black and white

  7. Lithography line

  8. Orthochromatic

Each special purpose films have its own properties respectively and some this would need special care in handling, use and processing as well. There are film that is extremely slow and also film that is very sensitive and even need to be loaded in total darkness. Some of the film would need special filters while others would need special processing techniques. Even the storage requirements are different accordingly.
It is very troublesome and need of understanding on what you are doing with the special purpose film. However, with the right usage, it will produce the desired and exceptional image.

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