Taking Care of Camera Filter

  • No matter how good the filter or the camera lens that is attached to it, there is always some problem with dust, fingerprints, dirt and grease smudges that would interrupt with the quality of the picture. A really dirty filter or camera lens could even account for up to a 50 percent loss in lens sharpness and contrast, causing visible focus shifts, which will all degraded the sharpness of the image.

  • There are a lot of times that even serious photographers meticulously and gingerly clean the front element of their prized lens then grab on a camera filter, wipe it off with their shirt and started to screw the camera filter into their camera lens. It is these very individuals who come to me weeks later complaining bitterly about what they consider to be unacceptable images and ask for explanations.

  • The truth is that for some inexplicable reason almost all of us operate as if filters are not part of the optical picture-taking system. We don't treat them in the same way we do prime lenses. We treat filters as we treat our sunglasses which are once over lightly. We have to keep in mind that camera filters is part of the optical system in the whole picture taking process and we need to have the habit of cleaning filters similar to how we clean camera lenses. Otherwise, we are not going to get the quality picture that we want, we might as well just leave the filters aside.

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