Threaded Round Camera Filters

Threaded round filters are one of the most widely used filer in the world, and this include types such as round all glass filter or glass laminated filter, both threaded accordingly to fit various size of lens diameters. There is also screw-in filters which can be found in various types and sizes from 39mm to 82mm. Other than that, there is also some special professional filters which is offered in smaller and larger sizes. Filter suppliers produce a full range of products in the following millimeter sizes: 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, and 82mm. And there are also special custom made filters in any sizes available, but of course the price would be much higher.

Several advantages of glass filters are:

  1. Very high optical quality

  2. Handy to use and easy to clean

  3. Durable and good in abrasion resistant

Glass filters are usually made by adding a special bonding material in between two pieces of optically clear glass or through mass-dyed.

For screw in filters, try to find one that is mounted in sturdy, smoothly threading brass mounts. There are a lot of screw in filters that look similar but have mounts constructed of plastics or soft aluminum which would definitely not as sturdy as brass.

Some of the inexpensive camera filters will have problem in mounting exactly parallel to the front of camera lens. This would prove to be a big problem on the picture quality as even if it is tilted slightly, the filter will distort the incoming light rays, exaggerating lens aberrations and causing losses in sharpness and contrasts.

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