Business Competition of Photo Shooting

  • All victorious people and businesses confront challenger. This should be matched with an open mind and a encouraging attitude. Challenger is not restricted to others in the portrait picture taking business. It can be the jeweler, drugstore, gift shop, or appliance store down the street. Each family has just so much money to spend after paying for food, dressing, and living accommodations. Every additional business is after the equivalent additional dollars that will be spent for luxuries. To be victorious in the portrait area, it is essential to advertize, trade, publicize, and introduce your photos.

  • Causing the purchasing public aware of your studio and desirous of owning what you have to sell is what will make the real difference in the amount of sales you total up at the end of the year.

  • Other forms of commercializing methods you will have to be prepared for are price-cutting, premium bids, competitions, telephone solicitation, house-to-house sales, and gimmicks of all kinds by challengers to draw in portrait picture taking clients to their studios.

  • Luckily, there seem to be fewer "fly-by-nighters" nowadays than in years past. Greater, automated businesses are doing most of the volume of portrait business in this country today.

  • In response to increased challenger, a portrait studio in Alabama engages a wedding shop adjacent to the studio. Bridal gown, bridesmaids' dresses, and leasing of tuxedos are featured, along with a catering service and gowns for mothers of the bride and groom. Extra discounts are gifted to the bride on her wedding pictures with the purchase of her gown. The add-on of a wedding shop has substantially added to the studio's wedding picture taking business.

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