How to take black and white portraits indoor

  • With black and white as with color, photographing people in a studio gives total control over the lighting. For black and white photos, look for lighting that gives a good tonal range, or an unusual directional light that will give a striking effect.

  • Getting the right exposure is just as important with black and white as it is with color. Before taking any pictures in a studio try to work out the effect that is wanted. This will inspire confidence in the sitter. They will be put at ease if they see the lights and equipment being handled in a confident manner.

  • Learning to use the lights

  • Explore the effect that one light can have on someone’s face. If it is placed at an angle of 45 degrees to their face, set medium high so that the shadow falls between the nose and half way down the upper lip: the effect will b e reasonably natural. If the light is straight in front and higher, there will be heavy shadows under the eyes, nose and chin. A light set below the face pointing upward will give a ghostly look. Practice, and a keen eye for where shadows fall, will soon make it easy to achieve a desired style. Once the basics have been mastered, all that is needed is a little imagination.

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