How to take black and white portraits outdoor

  • Photographing people out of doors or in their homes in black and white can give strong and incisive images. Unlike photographing in a studio, however, there is not full control of lighting.

  • When using available light, some thought is needed to make the lighting work. When a flash is used, the light can be put where it is needed. If the bright sunlight is causing shadows on the personís face, there are several choices. One is to move the person to an area of shadow where the light is more even. Another is to use fill in flash to soften the shadows.

  • If shooting against the light, a reflector can be used to bounce the light back onto the subjectís face. If, on the other hand, it seems that a silhouette would make an evocative image, take the exposure reading from the light behind the subject.

  • Always look for new angle, especially when photographing groups of people. There is nothing duller than a straight line of people rigidly sitting or standing. Keep watch for an unexpected chance, and always have the camera ready.

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