How to take informal portraits

  • Many portraits work because they have an informal look that most people would call ‘natural’. But even pictures like these need thought to make them successful. For instance, it is pointless to take lots of pictures in a casual manner if the exposure or focus is incorrect or the shot is badly composed. With a little forethought all these problems can be avoided, but at the same time there is no need to be so preoccupied with the mechanics of photography that it causes inhibition and the pictures become rigid and un-spontaneous.

  • As with all aspects of photography, the most important thing is being so familiar with the equipment that all the controls become second nature. Once these mastered it is possible to concentrate on technique and become more adventurous.

  • A zoom lens, especially when combined with an autofocus mechanism, makes for faster work since focal length can be changed without the need to swap lenses.

  • Ultimately, of course, it is the photographer’s eye that seize upon that good shot, however much advanced equipment may be available!

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