How to take photo of older children

  • Young children can soon get bored and restless when being photographed, but older children can be awkward in front of the camera from the start – especially when in their early teens. It is often better to photograph older children in a group rather than singly. Having a friend along to support them will give them confidence.

  • If a teenage girl is being photographed she will probably have quite definite views on how she wants to look discuss what she wants to wear and the sort of make up she wants, if any.

  • When shooting indoors, decide on the background. Will it be in the subject’s room with a background of posters, or is it possible to rig up a small home studio?


  • When shooting out of doors in bright sun, watch for shadows on the face and use fill in flash where necessary. Backlighting can be used to create a more romantic feel. Try using a reflector to throw light back onto the face.

  • When older boys are being photographed, they may feel more comfortable if they are pursuing one of their hobbies. You could take pictures of them making a model or working on a bike. If they play musical instrument, this might be included as a useful prop.

  • With boys and girls alike, take care not to talk down to them or patronize them. This will create a bad atmosphere from the start. Ask what their interests are and talk to them on equal terms.

  • With a group of older children it is often difficult to get them all to do the right thing at once. Try to position them to ensure that no one obscures anyone else.

  • Experiment with different angles lenses, and do not afraid to bend a few rules. The result can certainly worth the trouble.

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