How to take photo of people in home

  • Many people do not take pictures at home except on special occasions such as a birthday or Christmas. But there are many other times when opportunities for photographs present themselves, and often these can lead to excellent portraits. One advantage of taking pictures at home is that the people feel relaxed because they are in their normal environment. Another is that they are surrounded by objects that reflect their personality, which can be brought into pictures as props or backgrounds; these will reveal the varied aspects of their way of life, and their interests.

  • There is plenty of opportunity for spontaneous pictures in the home, especially of children. They may be doing the most ordinary, everyday things but even these, when viewed through the camera, can be seen in a new light, and spontaneous actions captures. This is one reason why it is so important to be ready with your camera. If it seems laborious to get out all your equipment, one solution is to buy an inexpensive compact camera for use around the house. This can always be easily ready to be use. In this way there will never be a reason to miss a picture and many pictures will be well worth the effort.

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